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Solar is quickly becoming a must-have amenity for home buyers.

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Our experience with roofing gives us more understanding about home building.  We want every home we work on to be the dream of our customers. This is why PetersenDean is not only a market leader for roofing with home builders, but for solar as well.

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Solar Delivers Success.

Solar increases both home value and energy efficiency.  On average, a home with an average 5 kW system should sell for about $20,000 more in California or about $15,000 more in other states.


Builders Choose PetersenDean

Our dedication to you has caused our coveted National Housing Quality (NHQ) Builder and Trade Contractor certification. Our certifications and warranties deliver a promise to always reach for excellence.

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Stop compromising with your build and start creating today. Our New Construction Division is ready to bring your ideas to the next level.

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