The Central Valley

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The Central Valley’s Roofing Experts

PetersenDean has watched the Central Valley grow for over 20 years. Over the years we have claimed this to be our home as well and as we have watched our home in the Valley grow we have grown to accommodate the demand for a quality roofing and solar company. We know that every roof isn’t the same, therefore we carry a wide range of roofing materials to meet your style and budget restrictions as well as the best-in-class warranties to guarantee years of solar savings.

With our new Madera office we are able to extend our reach and offer excellence to more customers who are looking for our American-made products. It’s not just about having more territory or advertising to another demographic, we want to save you money and progress the goal of energy independence. Our Madera office is just another stepping stone to encourage green energy, renewable resources, monetary savings and independence. Join us on a journey to achieve these goals, one-step at a time.

Solar4America Is the Right Solar for the Central Valley

Look out your window, is the sun burning your retinas? Would you look like a tomato after a couple hours out there? Is your skin peeling just thinking about walking outside? Then you are probably in the Central Valley. As detrimental as this is to you, me and just about everyone else who doesn’t tan on a regular basis, these conditions are perfect. “For what?’ You may ask. Well I’m glad you did.

These endlessly sunny days are ideal for solar production, and honestly the Central Valley is one of the best locations for this. Considering that California is unbearably sunny for what seems like more than half the year, you can take advantage of the best renewable resource that’s been proving it’s worth for billions of years. With Solar4America, you have the resources, the best deals, products and warranties to use that big bright ball for something else other than giving you a sun burn.

Fresno Solar Roofing

PetersenDean, is the only company to offer homeowners in Fresno, solar roofing warranties. Not only do we provide high-quality, American-made products but we can also offer you protection in the form of top-of-the-line warranties. If it is time for that new roof, we can provide you with a free roofing estimate for any size roof and while you are doing that why not get a free solar estimate as well? Solar4America’s goal is to save you money, so whether you are interested in roofing, solar or both, you can trust PetersenDean, to give you the best deals and the best products to meet your budget as well as energy needs.


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