San Jose

Our Original Stomping Grounds

In 1984, PetersenDean, was founded out of a garage in San Jose. From these humble beginnings, we have expanded to serve California’s need for a quality roofing and solar contractor. Our continued growth to become the largest privately held roofing company in the nation has taught us many things, including, valuing where it all began.

Distributing to the Bay Area

Working hard to expand and offer more jobs is one of our main concerns, with the addition of our San Jose office, over 150 jobs are being created. This distribution center services Salinas, CA., all the way to Fairfield, CA., stimulating the area’s workforce and bringing Solar4America, to the beautiful Bay Area.

Local Partners

2014 marked PetersenDean’s partnership with The Earthquakes Soccer Club, becoming their preferred solar & roofing expert. This partnership means more jobs, more opportunities and most importantly a chance for us to support a city and team that has been in our hearts since the beginning.

2228 Junction Ave
San Jose, CA 95131