Santa Clarita

PetersenDean provides roofing and solar power services in Los Angeles, North LA and Lancaster/Palmdale from our regional office in Santa Clarita.

Southern California’s Roofing Contractor

PetersenDean’s roofing service is the cornerstone of our value proposition for homeowners. Our roofing crews are trained to install a variety of roofing materials and roofing types to support the diverse home styles between Los Angeles northward through Santa Clarita. With increasing demand for quality roofing contractors and solar power installers in the greater Los Angeles area, homeowners have confidence from 30 years of roofing experience.

Solar Power Is a Good Investment in Los Angeles

Over the years, the cost of solar power has decreased significantly, at the same time utilities like SCE and LADWP have increased their rates. By going solar, homeowners can lock in the lowest cost of electricity by installing solar while utility companies continuously increase theirs. Potential for saving improves each year and Southern California’s sunshine and mild climate are ideal conditions for optimal solar power generation.

Don’t miss out on locking in your current rates before they go up, the potential is there for the taking. You can price out a Solar4America package for your home using our solar price calculator. The process is easy and there are no commitments till you are ready.

Turn Your Roof Into a Solar Power Machine

PetersenDean is unique because we offer roof construction and solar installation to make the switch to solar easy. If you are shopping for a new roof, PetersenDean can provide you with a roofing estimate for any size or type of roof. But unlike the competition, PetersenDean’s roofing consultants are also trained in solar power and will provide any homeowner with a free solar power analysis to complement his or her roof. There are a lot of solar contractors advertising, but none of them have 30 years of roofing experience. As a licensed roofer and solar installer we offer a complete “win-win” for homeowners: hire one single contractor to install a high-quality roof and integrated solar power system in one. Start saving money with solar, and enjoy the added peace of mind that comes with knowing your new roof is protected by a warranty that covers both the roof and the solar power system.

Solar Power Costs Simplified

Figuring out the actual cost of solar power can be confusing for homeowners. To clarify solar pricing, PetersenDean launched Solar4America, featuring pre-designed and ready-to-install solar power systems with pricing right on the website. Own your solar power and get the best price per watt and cut your electricity kWh rate in half with Solar4America.