Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Solar Roofing Solutions

Since PetersenDean was founded in the North Bay area, we are always looking for ways to expand in our home. With each new office that we open, we don’t only bring our high-quality, American-made products with us but an obligation to incite the job market as well. When we erected our physical office in Santa Rosa over ten years ago we wanted to carry the commitments that have been with us since the start to our new location. Over the past decade we have worked with hundreds of North Bay residents, businesses and non-profits, providing world-class roofs and high quality solar power installations. We are proud to be from the North Bay!

Solar4America Is Solar for the North Bay

The North Bay communities of Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties have a long history of environmental commitment and strongly support solar power. This is not just because the electricity rates are some of the highest in the nation but because there is dedication from these communities to protect our ever dwindling resources. With a Solar4America package you can get a cleaner more affordable alternative to the electricity grid as well as locking in the lowest rates for maximum savings. By generating power with high quality solar, homeowners get additional peace of mind working with the only major solar contractor that holds a roofing license but you can also aid in the dream for a greener tomorrow.

Install a New Roof With Solar Power

Proving worth is always a difficult task, who to trust, what products are the best or whether or not you can actually benefit. As the only roofing contractor licensed for solar installations we provide a level of experience and service that most solar contractors can’t provide. Our Santa Rosa team will build you a high performance solar power system and take care of your roof at the same time. Or, if it is time for that new roof, then it is a perfect time to learn how much you could save by going solar. PetersenDean, regularly installs roofing and solar projects simultaneously, as if things weren’t simple before they definitely are now. One contractor, lower project costs, solar savings and an integrated warranty that covers the roof as well as the solar panels.