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Sacramento Roofing and Solar

PetersenDean, has been part of the greater Sacramento community for over 20 years. From our West Sacramento office, we have been providing only quality roofing and solar installations to become Sacramento’s contractor of choice. Our local team is immensely proud of the thousands of roofing and solar projects we have completed for homeowners and businesses, and we are even more proud to be part of this beautiful area and welcomed into it’s community.

Solar Power in Sacramento

The Sacramento area is famously unique for its plethora of electric utilities; from PG&E, which services the majority of the state, to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), which provides electricity to the inner city and the outlying communities of Folsom and Elk Grove.  PetersenDean, is here for Sacramento. Our highly trained team knows the inner working of all these utility districts and can take care of all the permitting and utility paperwork necessary for your roofing and solar projects.

The Right Choice for Solar

If you live in Sacramento, you already know of the scalding temperatures the summer brings, and you also know of the effects it has on your utility bill. But, there is a perk, those long, hot summer days provide excellent potential for solar production. A PetersenDean solar power project, can lock in your electricity rate and provide the best alternative to the constantly increasing SMUD electricity rates. We use only the best five-star solar equipment at affordable prices, with PetersenDean, you can harness the sun’s power and save money month after month without the worry of rate hikes ever again.

Sacramento’s Roofing Contractor

PetersenDean’s roots are in the roofing industry, we have been installing high-quality roofs since our start in 1984.  Roofing remains the cornerstone of our value proposition for homeowners. If you need a new roof, our licensed roofing crews are trained to install all types of residential roof materials and roof types. We commonly install composition shingle roofs and concrete tile roofs but handle flat roofs and custom metal roofs as well.

Convenience is Key

PetersenDean, is a one-stop shop for all your roofing and solar needs. So, while you get your free roofing estimate, why not take the opportunity to learn how solar power can save you money. We can help find the best roofing and solar solutions to make the switch to solar easy and as the largest roofing contractor licensed for solar installations. Why would you trust anyone else when it comes to such an important project?

The Best Warranty Money Can Buy

At PetersenDean Sacramento, we make sure your warranty will bring you peace of mind for your home.  We want you to love your roof and solar system and are committed to making it last! We are proud to have the best roof penetration warranty in the nation.  Unlike most of our competition, our warranty covers the entire roofing system and the cost of labor and for the life of your roof.  Competition tries to cut corners on their solar warranty, our solar warranty covers the entire area around your panels for added protection of your system.

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