Enphase Microinverter

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Make Solar Simple and Energy Smart

Instead of your typical string inverter, each panel comes with it’s own Microinverter, this not only increases efficiency but also enables the ability to coincide and interact with your solar system. The Microinverter phases out constraints caused by shade or dirt build up on a panel and makes sure every other panel is performing to it’s maximum capacity. This feature also allows you to monitor the output of each panel, receive a visual of your energy goals and regulate through those goals how much energy your home will use.

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Through Enphase, there are a multitude of technological options at your disposal. Not only can you monitor the inner workings of your system; you can easily add energy storage that integrates into every aspect of the monitoring software. All these options at your fingertips, combined with a 25 year warranty, puts Enphase at the forefront of innovation.

Enphase Home Energy Solution

Powerful on their own. Better together.

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Generation, storage, control, and management, all in one.

The Enphase System – How it Works


  • Maximizes energy production.
  • Minimizes impact of shading,
    dust, and debris.
  • No single point of system failure.
  • No GEC needed for microinverter.
  • No DC design or string
    calculation required.
  • Easy installation with
    Engage Cable.
  • More than 1 million hours of testing and millions of
    units shipped.
  • Industry-leading warranty,
    up to 25 years.