Mission Solar Energy

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All Mission Solar Energy modules are assembled at their 260 megawatt facility in San Antonio, TX.

Mission Solar Energy believes that solar technology has the capacity to change our world by providing clean, accessible power to communities across the globe. The company is passionate about manufacturing state-of-the-art solar technology that is guaranteed to last, and is committed to continuing to provide the world with new solar technology through continued research and innovation.

Trusted Solar Panels, Built in America

Mission Solar Energy is a leader in solar panel manufacturing in the United States. Mission Solar Energy is committed to producing the highest quality modules on the market today. Rigorous third-party testing has found that Mission Solar Energy Modules perform above three times the industry standard. Additionally, their modules have been found to have the highest PTC ratings of any American-manufactured module. This means that their modules maintain a high power output in “real world” conditions.

Mission Solar Energy has deployed hundreds of thousands of modules across the United States and are utilized on projects with esteemed companies such as Berkshire Hathaway Energy and Consolidated Edison Development.

Warranties and Certifications

All Mission Solar Energy modules are backed by an independent 25-year linear warranty with additional protection by PowerGuard, an A.M. Best rated “A” XIII insurance underwriter.

Mission Solar Energy modules have been tested and certified by respected third-party agencies.