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Get More out of your Roof.

Think of your roof as another worker. Every time the sun hits the roof, you have an opportunity to save. While your electric companies want to increase the price of electricity, we want to help you reduce your bills.

Our consultants are the most honest and clear in the industry. The team wants to guide you every step of the way and help you make the right decision. Our quotes are done by experts, who understand if solar isn’t for you, which is why we provide free no obligation quotes.

Who better to install solar on your roof, than roofing experts? The incentives and tax credits go straight back into your pocket, saving you even more. Did we mention you will own the system? A system that will not only save money, it will also fit seamlessly on your roof. So far, we have saved our customers more than $100 million per year. Get on top of your savings by finding the right system for you.



Dream Home? Handled.

A roof is the finishing, and most important touch on any home. Roofs are not just meant to be pretty, they are meant to protect and ensure your safety. Your home is too important to trust with just any roofer.

We’ve installed more than 1 Million roofs since 1984 and are rated #1 roofer in the US. Our teams are the best in class, with over 33 years’ experience. In additional we are an elite certified Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor.

At PetersenDean, we know what it’s like to want to have the best for your family. We understand your needs. This is why we offer a 50 year limited lifetime warranty. Make your home safe, while keeping your standards high.

Whether you need a re-roofing or a roof repair, we have the experience to build the roof that meets your style and budget.

Our crews are trained to install all types of roofing materials, including composite shingle and concrete tile.

Don’t put off your roofing project, call us for a no obligation, free consultation today.