Solar Financing

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PetersenDean Will Find You the Best Financing Option

Solar Financing with Us is Easy: 

  • We accept all major credit cards
  • We work to get you the best financing
  • We are upfront and honest

Call us to find out about:

  • Unsecured loans up to 20 years
  • No Money Down, No Interest & No Payments for 12 months
  • PACE loans – Property Assessed Clean Energy loans

Why won’t we sell you a lease? Leasing loses you money!

  • You lose your tax credit
  • It’s harder to sell your home
  • You will pay twice as much
  • Your monthly bill goes up and up
Lease vs Purchase graph

For most homeowners, a solar power system costs less than buying power from the utility. Purchasing or financing are both great options to pay.

PetersenDean offers a wide range of solar financing options. Our goal is to save you money and our experienced staff is always ready to discuss how we can maximize savings and the return on your investment.

We don’t want your tax credit or to take your system away after the lease.  We want you to keep your solar power system and keep saving money for decades to come.

Solar Purchase

Most solar companies count on their salespeople to convince you that the price is right and the investment is worth it.

With our SOLAR PANEL CALCULATOR, we provide an easy way to find out how many solar panels you need to neutralize your energy bill.

Interest rates, lease escalators, no tax credit! OH MY! These are the things you have to deal with when leasing your solar system.

With PetersenDean, you can pay for a lifetime of power, one time, in today’s dollars, you get to keep the 30% tax credit and all solar incentives available with a purchase.

PetersenDean continues to negotiate the best price on high-quality solar equipment. Give our Solar4America packages a look, anyone and everyone can see the recommended system based on state and current electricity bill.

Lock-in the lowest energy bill for years to come with PetersenDean Solar4America system.

Solar Loans

Loans and LOCs are great options for customers who don’t want to pay for the whole system at once.

Loans are LOCs
  • Allow for flexibility
  • More control of your interest rates
  • Can be paid off at anytime

Our Staff will help analyze and compare payment options, compare quotes and leases, and figure out what option will give you the best overall savings and value.

Attention California Residents: Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans (PACE)

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy. PACE loans are fixed rate, low-interest loans issued to qualifying homeowners who are current on their mortgage and taxes. In order to apply for one of these loans, a tax assessment needs to occur on the property and then supplied to make energy efficient improvements.

The California Legislation Assembly Bill 811 (AB 811) created this mechanism to supply energy efficient options to cities and counties. Currently, there are two regionally-based PACE programs in California: CaliforniaFirst and the HERO program, which has been established by the state of California and is rapidly expanding to your area.

If a PACE Program is available in your city or county:

  • The qualification process is simple
  • The payment process happens through your property taxes
  • There are no credit or equity requirements
  • Multiple projects can be accomplished in one loan
  • The loan stays with the property so it can be transferred upon the sale of the home

We’ll Help Find You the Best Payment Option

We are a goal-oriented company, and one of our many goals is to find the best long-term investment for you. Contact PetersenDean, for a free solar power assessment for your home and we will find the right plan to meet your budget and savings goals.

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