The Smart Grid for Your Business

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If peak demand charges are putting your budget in the red, you need a one-two punch to flatten your demand curve. Solar and storage with Solar4America.


Reduce or Eliminate Demand Charges*
Can Insulate Your Business from Power Outages
Incentives: Up to 50% off System Cost
Designed and built in CA
Exclusive Measurz Monitoring Included

*Depending on utility and rate schedule.

Energy Storage Monitoring
Measuring, budgeting, and planning just got easier:

  • Exclusive cloud based energy monitoring system
  • Real-time usage metrics
  • Flexible programming to accommodate adjustments in usage and demand profile
  • User friendly interface

Grid Freedom from Solar4America works like this:

  • Solar Panels feed electricity through an inverter.
  • Storage fills up over night with cheap electricity and feeds the daytime demand through an inverter.
  • The Switching System tracks usage and integrates the solar and storage with grid power.
  • A power backup strategy can also be used to provide seamless UPS for critical systems.



Typical unmitigated
demand curve:

You pay for your kWh usage AND demand charges on your usage at peak hours of the day.



Store electricity from
the grid at night
, and use that cheap electricity during the day. The Solar and Storage combo clobbers your peak demand charges, typically paying for itself in less than 5 years.