Project scope/size: Remove the existing wood shake roof and installed 6000 sq. ft. of new lightweight concrete tile.

Project description: With every project comes removing the original roof, that was completed in a timely manner with little to no hassle. This beautiful home had a lot of planning and coordination that went into every aspect of the remodel. In an attempt to prevent debris from getting in the pool, it had to be covered and because of this there was no access to the roof from the lower backyard. The steeply pitched roof required that roofer wear personal protective equipment as part of a personal fall arrest system and installing tile to the turrets at the front face was a challenge within itself, but was completed with the American-made quality one expects.

Not only was the roof a challenge but there were other projects going on at the same time that had to be planned for efficiency within a 10 day time period. Working around the painter without causing harm to his work and no backyard/driveway access, this spectacular Victorian style home is a wonderful piece to add to the PetersenDean rapport.


  • Multiple-pitch roof (6:12, 7:12, 9:12); required that roofers wear personal protective equipment as part of a personal fall arrest system.
  • Installing tile on the steep turrets at the front of the house
  • Coordination with the homeowner’s painter to complete the job within the allotted 10 days
  • Pool had to be covered to prevent debris from falling into it
  • No equipment access to the roof from the lower backyard
  • Driveway had to be protected from heavy equipment tire tracks

Product(s) used: MonierLifetile “Duralite Slate” lightweight concrete tile