Project scope/size: 445 square feet, 3.48 kW AC (Two arrays: 162 square feet and 283 square feet)

Project description: Residential solar panel installation atop a 2,800-square-foot home.

Challenges: Installers had easy access to this single-story residence with a moderately sloping composite shingle roof. The owners purchased the solar power system to save money on energy bills while going green.

Product(s) used: 22 Sharp 187-watt panels, SRS system with Sunnyboy SB4000-240 Inverter.

Initial cost: $30,518
Rebate: $6,934
Fed tax credit: $2,000
Final cost: $21,584
Projected Energy Savings: (year 1) $1,473 (over 20 years) $68,527